momo/yurio (you can also call me maomao if we talk a lot!)

17 yrs old (02.27.00)





feel free to ask me for my line and discord if we're mutuals!

click the tabs to navigate!


you meet basic dfi criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.)

are prone to causing drama/discourse and heavily getting involved in it.

you dont support the idea of ids.

you use slurs that you can't reclaim.

you actively hate on anyone in my "faves" tab. i love these characters and it hurts me to see them hated on.

you won't see me as mao isara.

you heavily dislike maoritsu and/or you heavily rt ritsuizu (this is for our comfort! the ship makes me uncomfortable and i don't want to stop you from rting lots of it.)

some things to note:

i tend to hate on my ids (specifically mao) in a joking/self-hatred manner. let me know if this makes you uncomfortable, im willing to tag it!

18+ follow=OK

follow requests are okay, but im selective with them. i will follow back though!

softblock when breaking mutuals please!


enstars (ryuseitaiP, switchP, trickstarP, 2winkP)


a3 (summer troupe)

im@s (deresute, 765pro, sideM)


aichuu (twinkle bellP, ArSP)

touken ranbu




battle girl high school


i also like other things but these are the interests i talk about/rt the most!


mao isara (ensemble stars)

syoko hoshi (im@s cg)


banri ogami (idolish7)

i don't claim mao's, syoko's, or banri's races at all, i only id as them as a way to have a sense of identity and figure out my overall personality. i dont mind if you follow people who also id as the characters listed above as long as you're still able to see me as them.

not all of my faves are listed here, but these are the characters i talk about the most! clicking on their pictures takes them to their respective wiki pages.